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Thread: 6 Ways To Get Your Music Noticed By Fans, Press and Labesl

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    6 Ways To Get Your Music Noticed By Fans, Press and Labesl

    It’s a whole new challenge to get your music noticed today with strong artists constantly competing for top slots.
    In today’s world with so many artists on the rise and music evolving so rapidly, it’s easy to get drowned out by the surrounding noise. If you want to get your music noticed and heard by the right people, you have to take measured steps in their direction. If you’re looking to get noticed by the press or even a record label (like Amalgam Digital!), here’s six ways to do just that:

    1. Develop your social media presence.
    DJ Khaled Get Your Music Noticed Through Snapchat

    This one may seem obvious, but people will really start to become interested in you for the presence you have in places they are exposed to. For example, DJ Khaled recently revamped his popularity by posting short videos and photos through the incredibly popular app, Snapchat. While the major key isn’t necessarily that he’s been releasing new music, he’s definitely expanded his fan base just by becoming a presence on social media.

    We know what you’re thinking: “I’m not DJ Khaled, though. Chef Dee never comes by my house, and my jetski just got repo-ed.” Regardless of where you’re at now, social media can still help you immensely. Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the dozens of social media websites that have hundreds of thousands of users everyday constantly looking for new content. If you consistently post new songs, videos, and updates, you can build a loyal fan base who are looking for the type of content you’re providing, which is a great way to get your music noticed.

    2. Make connections within your industry.
    Get Your Music Noticed Max B Kanye West CollabWhile you are trying to get your music noticed and putting your future career on the line, networking with other artists can be an absolute game-changer. Pairing up with other rappers or other DJ’s can open many doors for opportunities for studio time, photographers, and even press benefits. In addition, it gives you the option for collaboration in the future if that is desirable. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and getting in with up-and-comers and heavy hitters can, and will set you apart from other MCs in getting your music noticed by many.

    Networking and collaboration can help you expand your career in the future when unplanned circumstances arise as well. Take, for example, Kanye West, internationally touring rap artist and pop culture icon, and Max B, Amalgam Digital artist continuing to work on his rap career from behind bars. Kanye recently featured Max on his most recent album “The Life of Pablo,” through middleman French Montana, which shows how a network connection made in the past can turn into a beneficial exchange of talents.

    3. Keep it professional.
    Britney Spears Noticed By Press During Breakdown
    Your presence on and offline are two things that your fans, record labels, and the media are going to be watching. Being a well-known artist is no 9-5 weekday shift. Remaining media-spotless and true to yourself when all eyes are on you is a job that works around the clock – no breaks.

    That being said, opinions get around and bad news travels fast. If you spam a record label with 20 e-mails or messages from the same single or the same SoundCloud page, that label is going to think you are too aggressive and annoying. That word will get around and ultimately hurt your chances of landing a deal.

    While this may seem counterproductive, since persistence and determination are two very important strategies to get your music noticed, annoying the people you want on your side is going to backfire – big time. If you are still very under the radar, you don’t want to drop yourself even further below it by pulling a negative press stunt or getting a bad rep for yourself early in your career. Would you have hired Britney Spears during her media breakdown?

    4. Give your audience what they want.
    High Quality Music Gets NoticedThis should go without saying, but creating incredible music for your audience isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you are an underground rapper and you’re looking to appeal to the target age of 18-30 years old, you need to create songs that they can relate to. Miley Cyrus sings about partying to appeal to the young party crowd, as Taylor Swift sings about breakups to appeal to a broken-heart female audience. It is definitely important that you enjoy your own music, but you’ll be paying your own bills out of pocket if nobody else does.

    With these ideas in mind, your music also must be of high quality. Sure, you may have the greatest lyrics of all time, but being played over an off-key beat or having low sound quality will surely land you on a long waiting list. Investing good money into high quality music and hard work is almost guaranteed to pay off in the long run, as long as you execute networking, sharing, and professionalism properly.

    5. Connect with your fans – everywhere.
    Trey Songz with fansWith how in-tune and up-to-date everyone and everything is nowadays, it is nearly impossible to gain traction without fan engagement. Especially when you’re starting out, it is imperative to show out for the people packing out your shows, regulars or not.

    This starts with your stage presence, and how well you engage the crowd. Your goal for concerts should be give 110%, and to get your fans to give 120%. Whether you have a signature whistle like Chance the Rapper that tells the crowd to get hyped, or you spend an hour outside 1 Oak posing with fans like Trey Songz (pictured left), or you are just constantly jumping and hyping everyone up like Tyler, the Creator, fan engagement is key.

    Besides giving a great show and thanking your fans after the fact, you need to make sure your digital engagement is on par, too. Today, if a fan gets a retweet on Twitter from Chance, not only do they show it off, but their friends show it off, their co-workers show it off, hell, even their mom probably shows it off. While this impact may not be at exactly the same level for everyone, always show your fans love.

    Just don’t talk about your distaste for suit jackets in the same thought stream…..

    6. Hit the books.
    Lil Wayne Tha Carter 4People change, times change, business changes. Everything changes. Regardless of where you’re at, whether you have a team of marketers, accountants, promoters, producers, etc., or your studio is your bedroom closet, keeping educated is crucial. You need to know what your fans are looking for from your music, what they think of your last release, where they’re listening to it, how to make your sound quality better (move out of the closet), etc. You can’t have a competitive edge without competitive knowledge.

    “Where do I find the knowledge you’re talking about?” Well, for starters, here. Music blogs like are awesome sources for top-shelf info because who has their finger on the pulse of the news than the person writing it? A lot of these sites and artists also offer free e-books and courses to better yourself as an artist, self-manager, person, etc., so keep a lookout for those.

    If you keep these six key points in mind when you’re developing yourself and working toward that next level, your journey to get your music noticed will not only be easier, but will also yield much more success.


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    Re: 6 Ways To Get Your Music Noticed By Fans, Press and Labesl

    thank you for sharing about this post really very nice to reading it

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    Re: 6 Ways To Get Your Music Noticed By Fans, Press and Labesl

    The music scene is a tough one to crack. Record labels look for artists that are already established and have a large following. I will read essayroo review before help in my essay. For new and upcoming artists, this means that you need to work extra hard to get your music noticed by fans, press, and labels.

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