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Thread: Thinking and Drinking

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    Thinking and Drinking


    I can’t buy you a Lexus
    But I thought we were next - US!!!
    My daughter Jicera
    Change clothes?
    Nah no one can wear her
    But when I pose
    Beware of…
    Now I don’t know the love they all speak of
    I was just learned hard knocks buying him sneakers
    To the left…
    Read my rhyme books and made me strong
    But all I do is miss you every other day cause me is where you belonged
    I’m sorry I was so abusive
    So mad at inconclusive
    And I only make my song cry for tu
    But in reality there is 3 of you
    And every man he tried to run thru
    “Told my girl to get the f down”
    Fred pulled me to the ground
    But it still didn’t save you
    Nah you ain’t ever get around
    And payment never over due
    Every day is for one day
    How eager I am to die
    How I got that call and dropped to my knees when I cried
    Silently I abide
    Cause you really died
    And in my heart I kept telling myself they lied
    But it keep me strong cause I won’t ever see you again if I commit suicide
    You put the hands on my wheel when I let go at 120
    This is way more then just out of touch making money
    Its for every Monday
    And every bitch acting funny
    What do I say to you to prove that im true
    Our circle coming back together
    Just look at what my angel can do
    Thug life… I live and die for it too
    “Rich man I’m a keep walking”
    Cause all you doing is talking
    Why the game bring life back to me
    Cause it’s a purpose and I did it for my city
    The 203

    - - - Updated - - -

    I’m a woman 50 and I don’t know how I got so hard but everyone hate it

    - - - Updated - - -

    I was gonna name it Raising Cheryl cause my daughter been here the entire time watching and playing

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now I’m a call it losing Cheryl and what it feels like to watch yourself and your brain just die slow
    As much as I hallucinate and see him…
    I’m willing to take that chance

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    Re: Thinking and Drinking

    so much emotion in this...good flow and I like the story telling type feel this has
    im not sick...i control the disease
    i got llamas but not the ones that napoleon feeds
    even the most protected soldier can bleed
    me and you ain't nothing alike...we a whole different breed

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    Re: Thinking and Drinking

    Full of deep emotions
    Flow tight
    Strong meaning

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    Re: Thinking and Drinking

    Very deep and complexed wording I see a lot in this piece. A protective strong character. Nice
    FAQ - pronounced fack…
    Eye or E.Y.E - divination (seek knowledge using computers)
    Reddit- A web “sight” with frequent asked and answered questions.
    it should read Fa, Q, I read it for kicks

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    Re: Thinking and Drinking

    Thanks giys…
    As much as I hallucinate and see him…
    I’m willing to take that chance

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