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Thread: Words Unsaid

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    Words Unsaid

    Words Unsaid

    Beautiful. A flower,
    blossoming in the moonlight
    whilst water glistens softly from its petals.
    Her smile, wide as the Nile
    every flowing glance is pure serenity
    peace shines upon my pupils-
    Flickering emotions, blinking lustily
    reminiscent of the millisecond captured
    When the sun kissed you
    with the passion of a thousand subtle winds
    Blown away by your charismatic presence
    I float swiftly through the nights crisp air,
    Unnoticed. An inkling of my world
    from your eyes.
    Loathing poor me, say something.

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    Re: Words Unsaid

    Aww nice piece…
    Sounds like love for a person.

    I’m not super poetic or into this style of writing however I love double meanings and metaphorical things.

    I noticed in the poem the person enjoys seeing the person the love Uber the night sky or in other words they don’t want to be in the spotlight but much rather gaze and admire without notice. They describe the person as a beautiful person very fresh with a big beautiful smile that can capture passersby maybe from school or work. However the use of the word Nile points me in a more business setting so I’d say work. The person catches a glimpse of her eyes and is blown away too scared to say anything runs back to his comfort zone so he can admire from a distance. Yet he regrets not saying something

    This is nice please feel free to let me know things I missed
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    Re: Words Unsaid

    You pretty much nailed it on the head. I’m trying to figure out how you knew this was a work related crush poem lol. Everything you stated was spot on. This is a real life situation and i finally got up enough balls to say something only to find out she’s in a relationship. Immediately devastated to say the least but at least I got out of my cowardly way and spoke what I felt. She blushed and was flattered but that was it, now I just go to work happy that I got her to clam up bit. Lets me feel like OK it was still worth it. Thanks for leaving feed I’m picking my pen up after a long hiatus.

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